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Boost Yourself Book

Boost Yourself Book

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Why should I buy this book for my kid(s)?

They will learn about creating solid habits (like good sleep and studying), they'll learn about avoiding becoming friends with trouble makers, they'll learn about WHY they should avoid recreational drugs and HOW they can avoid recreational drugs, and so much more. This is a simple and easy to read self-improvement book for younger people to encourage them to truly boost themselves!

The unfortunate truth is that drug use is very prevalent nowadays, most kids in the United States today will likely be offered drugs at least once in their lifetime. From the ideas presented in Boost Yourself the readers will be more aware of the potential consequences of deciding to try drugs. Additionally, they will be informed of ways they can say no to drugs if they are being offered.

Boost Yourself is also an excellent read for parents, as they can learn about how their children can create the best version of themselves. Parents will also take away ideas on how they can convince their children to avoid recreational drugs. They will also learn how they can teach their kids to say no to drugs if they are ever offered.

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Why this book is a great for any kid:

An introduction into self-improvement

The author Nick Shahryari discovered self improvement while he was in the eighth grade, this book talks about some of his favorite ideas he has taken away from his own self improvement journey from the eighth grade to the 11th grade.

Simple and easy to read

The Boost Yourself book is only 58 pages, which makes it an fast and easy read. The book is jam packed with value in every page!

Packed with ideas to improve their lives

This book shares important advice for kids who are looking to grow and reach their full potential. Author Nick Shahryari shares fundamental steps to success such as: avoiding recreational drugs, having good habits, having good friends, and more. Boost Yourself is filled with important information to help you make the best decisions during your most formative years.

"I really love this book! It offers plenty of positive material for kids. It gives them an honest way to make sure they stay on the proper path."

- Amari B.

Together we can really make a positive difference!

I have a goal of encouraging as many people as possible to say no to recreational drugs. I've seen firsthand how recreational drug use can really ruin somebody's life, so I think the world would really be a better place if more people said no to recreational drugs.

I came to the realization that nobody has a goal of becoming a drug addict when they are younger. People become drug addicts by accident, and that is an accident that I want to prevent from happening for as many people as possible.

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